Fall is here, now what to wear next.

This time around I decided to take my black jeans and rip them in the knee, throw on a boyfriend fitted white button up shirt and some small black boots to start the year with a fall look. Black and white are my go to apparel pieces.

Nothing can be wrong with wearing red lipsticks.  I’m wearing mine in memory of my Mom before she passed we would tell her to put on her red lipstick to feel better.  I decided to put mine on because I knew with this outfit it would be my accent color.

Now with the whole outfit, the white button up is something every women should have in their wardrobe. You can wear them dressed up or down. They are simple, but classic for the fall or any season depending on how long they are. You can wear them under tights or leggings. Even you can put on a trench coat, or  leather jacket or cardigan to stay warm.

Boyfriend button down shirt
Knee Ripped Jeans, Black booties

The ripped jeans I ended up cutting them at the knee because I got bored with them. I’ll share a link to a video below.

What’s your go to outfit you like to wear for fall?

Until next time, rebel with your style and lifestyle !

-xx lei.phillips

Muse Review with the lady with the red urge of passion

A lady in red can be compared with the lady who sees the world with fire red urges to her lifestyle. I wasn’t expecting to find this red dress, but I did in the most adventurous way. The last couple of weeks I decided to take my camera and go to the fashion district in Downtown LA to do street photography. I found my muse walking with a hand full of fashion magazines and clothes. I was scared to go up to her, yet I had that fire urge like I was saying earlier. She had it too, and I could tell by her first few words of revealing she was a vintage shop owner of Quirk. And other adventurous skill sets of being a Head Stylist and Coordinator​,  Melynda Choothesa started her own fashion consulting company called Couture Zen. 

Photo by Lei Phillips

As warm hearted as she can be Melynda invited me to her 1 year anniversary party by the third time I went to her shop to interview her. And going back to that day I asked her if I could take a picture of her outfit. Melynda replied with a sure and, ” but I need to open my store first.” When we started to strolled down the path of Main St. there was no sign of silence. Melynda and I chatted like old friends without hesitation. Once we steered closer to her store Melynda started to search for her keys to open the gate of her shop. Once Melynda got settled I captured her in that moment with garments of clothes and magazines in one hand. In that moment Melynda became my muse. Here is her story and how she got started: 

From the first time I went to Quirk I saw a fire red vintage wrap dress by Diane Von Furstenberg. I knew I wanted it and thanks to Melynda with her fire red urges to live life in passion I said yes to the dress. See Rebels! 

Check them out Quirk at:  

616 S. Main St. |Los Angeles, CA. 

Photo by Heather Carr

Now that concludes my muse review until next time. Don’t forget to rebel with your style and your lifestyle because life is too short to be stuck in your ways. 

-xx Lei Phillips

Rebel By Caring And Give A Key To Pay It Forward

first image

As the day goes by and my intuition rises to a point that tells me to stop at The Grove. My stride to the middle of the grassy area leads my eyes to a retail bus right smack in the middle of this outdoor shopping center.  Across from it and around it are stores like Nike blasting their music and Nordstorms shoppers shuffling inside and out. Then there is a black bus in the middle of the grass next to a stage of musicians getting ready to play their instruments is an accessories company called The Giving Keys.


I walked over and eyed the quotes on their chalk board like bus with wonder. One of the woman dressed in all black with short chopped blonde hair greeted me with a smile. Finally another woman said hello and asked if I heard of their company and what they do. So, let me give you the low down on what I learned on The Giving Keys from these lovely ladies and their site:

  • They are a company that employ the homeless transitioning back into a home or/ and job
  • The story started with a key from a hotel in New York where, Actress and Singer/Songwriter, Caitlin Crosby, would wear it as a necklace on tours and any where else.
  • Caitlin started to engrave this key and other keys of words of encouragement
  • What was next was what you call life falling into place is when Caitlin ran into a couple Rob and Cera on Hollywood Blvd. At the time Caitlin saw them in the rain holding a sign that read, “Ugly, Broke, & Hungry.”
  • Caitlin asked them out to dinner.
  • While they were at dinner Caitlin found out Cera knew how to make jewelry. Caitlin then asked if they could be business partners.

The rest is yet to come and they are on their way of rebelling by caring.

“Keep your eyes open to all the needs you see around you. They are all over the place”

– Caitlin


-ELIZABETH (quote on the front the bus)

The boutique inside of this bus showcased necklaces, charmed bracelets, and chokers necklaces to try on. There inside the white interior with wood displays and white trays laid out a foundation to giving back and the rewards The Giving Keys has an impact on especially on Taylor Swift. She was given one by her friend and now this paying forward extends to Swift to pass along once to someone else.


This is how they became The Giving Keys company paying it forward for others to inspire and give back to the homeless that are in transition. One person would buy a necklace or bracelet with a word that is a goal that they want to achieve and they would have to pass it to someone who needed it. Some of the words read: Faith, Create, Believe and Hope.  Then that person would do the same and pass to someone else. They team up with organizations like LIFT and Downtown Women’s Center (DWC) in helping the homeless to transition back into society with a job and a place to live.

This chalk board bus will be at the Grove until this Sunday August 14th (189 The Grove Dr. Los Angeles, Ca. 90036). So check them out. Tell me what you think.

I’m inspired by Caitlin’s words at Ted Talks see her explain her story. There is always a story behind every great rebel. Keep dreaming big and go out there! Go for it Rebels.

xoxo – lei.phillips

The Limitless Rebel Muse


Photos by Heather Carr

Today, I got a feeling of hope and inspiration from that inner voice you seem to forget that is there. The little things count and rebel muse is my space to give back power to you rebels. I believe life should be lived like their are no limits. These days you maybe in your own way of living the fullest. But, let me tell you something that I continue to forget about: Everything will be okay and will work out. There are plenty of opportunities out in this world that you may have not tapped into. So, be your own rebel muse today and everyday.


Be that muse who:

  • Creates a path that you are happy to take
  • Don’t let the limit of life get in your way
  • Change the things you can change one day at time
  • Enjoy nature and dance your butt off to the sunshine that shows up on your doorstep

Lastly step onto that faith, jump, dive deep and be your own rebel muse!


Signing out my rebels–lei.phillips


Summer Lemonade Edition

This summer I see a yellow mellow being the next hit. This is how I would rock this style and that’s all. “Drops Mic to the sound of slaying in formation.”
My rebel instincts are giving off of a rebellious lemonade taste. One way to describe my style is boldness either it is in my walk on the wild side or the way how I dress. This rebel at heart knows the ways of Beyonce’s slay moments of formation. Now let’s get into formation to slay.
                        Now lets have some Lemonade,
Summer Lemonade Edition


City Chic lightweight jacket

New Look long skirt
$29 – newlook.com

Backpacks bag

Vintage jar
$28 – drinkstuff.com

Cropped Flaired Jeans Trend: To Flood or not Flood

When I was in middle school I dreaded the feeling to never have my pants flood, but now we have a new trend out: Cropped Flaired Jeans. Is this something you rebels would rock or naw? 


photo credit: 9to5.com

It is interesting beacause this trend is very much stylized. Take Alexa Chung’s look below. Chung has that ability and is known to be able to wear whatever and make it work. But how is she able to pull this look off you must ask? Well it is in the way how she styles her outfits with close attention to be proportionate throughout her cropped flaired jeans. What she pairs with these is a slimming tailored jacket with a normcore blouse and a small cute bunny rabbit pocket book this gives the allusion of long legs even though she is already tall. Basically the jeans allow her to look long and lean. So keeping your look simple and letting your strong assests show will accomplish your true mission to making this work for you. Some trends need a little personalilization to work. Don’t follow the trends if it doesn’t make sense. 

Alexa Chung Photo credit: unknown

The moral of the story rebels is follow what works with your body type and use porportion as a tool to get what you want. 

Until next time my lovely rebels. Keep rebeling with your style. 

Xx -lei.phillips 

Lei Phillips Takes on England from Los Angeles Pt 2: How to Pack for 4 Months

 London I have arrived or should I say the country side of England, Hatfield.

Packing for a four month stay

The thought process that I had about packing was a pain in my mind. I went about a week and half overthinking this process. Until the time came for me to pack and I became aware that everything is a trial and error. I would pack a few things in my luggage and the next day I leave my mind to think a bit of what’s next to pack. The day I didn’t pack my mind went on a tangent and I wrote everything done. From there it gave me an idea of what to bring.

Hatfield is in a small town and about 30 minutes away from London. I love the fact that I can be in city one moment and take a train ride to London. Its an adventure all in one. But other people say it is like you are on a mission. The transportation is bit tricky, but as I keep traveling out I get better at it.


First, is the planning part of what to pack and the weather of the London has helped me to see the finish line of this trip. So, what did I pack?

  • Rain Coat to weather the long days of rain
  • Leather Jacket for the other days to look like the Rebel that I am
  • A few Sweater Dresses to match with some Thigh High Boots with a good pair sweater stockings
  • Long Sleeve basic shirts to go under to keep warm
  • Graphic Tees to sum up your personal style in 5 seconds
  • Heels in nude, black, and bright color for your night on the town
  • Warm Socks to keep your feet warm, but your heart warm too while out and about
  • Oh, don’t forget a good pair of sneakers to explore in
  • Did I forget some lace up boots to weather any outing
  • Cross bag to carry all your essentials in

theEssentialslist1 theEssentialslist2



The lasting pieces to now think about are your everyday products like lotion, hair supplies, face wash, tooth paste and brush, which you can be bought once you arrive. Now that I’m here I’m excited to share with you guys what I will be doing.

p.s. I have a treat for you Rebels out there. I created a list of top 3 stuntin’ things I did before I left sunny California one is a themed #OOTD look. Don’t forget to rebel with your style and conquer the world!

xx – lei.phillips

Weekend Fun With Some Silky Harem Pants

I have been so stoked this whole weekend. And finally, I got a chance to go thrifting with my friends. I decided to do a #ootd (Outfit of the Day) after we got our treats. I will share what I got in another post.

The one thing that makes me happy are harem pants by MINTYMEETSMUNT and pockets. Comfort in your pockets is where anyone and myself would like my hands to be.  You can call this my Aaliyah songstress look. She was a force to remember and always dressed to her comfort zone. This is what I’d like to inspire. So be comfy and your style will shine through. The top I have on is something I had in my closet from Forever 21. Cropped tops are a hit or miss. The way to wear this you can pair it with high waist trousers, shorts and or skirt. Here’s the look for a weekend out with your girls my rebels:


Til next time enjoy the rest of your weekend #sundayfunday



All Photos by: Melissa Lopez

Casual Saturday Chic Look: How to Stay Chic for the Weekend 

Weekends are meant to be casual and relaxing. But it is suppose be easy going, so don’t forget to put that rebel spin on it. Well being chic and casual means to loosen up with a flair. During Monday through Friday we are just trying to get through, but the weekend is a time to let your hair down.

Whether you’re letting your hair down, going to the beach, or having fun in the city and don’t forget to add a twist of  your style to this weekend.

Light, Chic, Lace and Summer:

Mix your summer lighter color palette with a few dark pieces to add an contrast to your outfit. Light weight blazers are great for the summer and add that chic style to any outfit. I really believe wearing all white keeps you cooler too.  Lace and crochet pieces are amazing to add and very summer chic. Take a look at my picks of cool and summer chic trends to keep you like a rebel you are.


Model Behavior and Trends of a Model On-Duty

Single Dress Black Dress


Model On-duty

“Stay on Duty and in style Rebels.”

Ok, rebels I must confess to my true desires and trends I wish would come true. I pulled together some of my favorite pieces from the likes of Boohoo, AZUL by moussy, Geebin Flores, Mathiasen, and Single Dress. Each clothing of item and outfit I composed are nail-biting on trend to the model behavior on-duty. Some models have a off-duty look and these #OOTD manner of dress can help inspire you when your wanting to look your best. Look like a model and don’t care.

The BooHoo button-up dress is versatile and a one in two look where at a glance  it can be a long strappy button-up shirt. This creative cat here paired the top with a Mathiasen cropped long leaves shirt and Single Dress black slim fit harem pants to give an appearance of long legs. Pair this all ready to go out on the town with BooHoo white heels. Stay on Duty and in style rebels.

Catch this red hen and trend of fire to let loose. Geebin Flores promegranate leather symmetrical dress requires a confident woman with passion to wear this specific red. The silhouette of the dress is what unique about it and is comfy. Sexy, but comfort is all a woman needs.

One of the trends I continue to see this revolutionary klien blue for Spring/Summer 2015. The Single Dress jumpsuit is bring on the revolution of vibrant rich colors this time around. Last but not least that will complete my Model on-duty is the BooHoo silver heels. What do you Rebels think did I quench your thirst ?

  Single Dress Black Dress, Boohoo Black Chelsea Boots, like-dreams Blue Clutch 

Tell me what you think xoxoxo see you next time 😘 and get the look at:






Photos by dinbaedin