Summer Light Makeup 

welcome-summer-tumblr-6The Sun is Out

For the summer, I normally like to wear very light makeup. It is officially time to wear less coverage. What’s the best way to get that natural summer look: well try light foundation, mascara, and with a peachy lipstick palette. Who says you have to stick to contouring. It’s not necessary to use contouring all the time, or unless you’re going to a fancy event or you are a makeup fanatic. I barely wear any full coverage and who wants to be caught with makeup sweating down your face. Let me guide you my friend. Get that natural look Rebels !!!


  • CoverGirl fresh complexion creamy Beige
  • MAYBELLINE fit me 330 toffee
  • MAYBELLINE stylish smokes in made for mocha
  • e.l.f. Blush Palette in dark
  • MAYBELLINE super stay 14 HR lipstick in beige forgood
  • wet n’ wild 24 carrot gold
  • CoverGirl blast volume waterproof hydrofuge in very black

Xoxoxo return soon Rebels- lei.Phillipseverysummer has story

Blow Them Out of the Water And Rock in Style: Ruby Rose Rebel Style Icon in my Eyes

In three days I noticed how I binge watched Ruby Rose, in Orange is the New Black. She took my attention away and I had to google who she was. Model, DJ, and actor Rose have captivated me and other people as well. It has to be her gaze and how she is able to interact with Piper to point she is hooked. There have been talks of women crushing all over her. She has a great sense of style, knows who she is and doesn’t give two cents what others think of her. 

Photo by: James Worthington

On my search on Rose I found this lovely video from YouTube on gender fluidity. In a past article on Rose explains what it means to be gender fluid. “I’m not a guy; I don’t really feel like a woman, but obviously I was born one,” says Rose. “So, I’m somewhere in the middle, which – in my perfect imagination – is like having the best of both sexes.”  

For Rose she is able to move into two identities that she is content with. Rose adds,”I have a lot of characteristics that would normally be present in a guy and then less that would be present in a woman.” So look at this video that questions this notion: 

How to Wear Bright Lips for Everyday Wear

Vibrant, sultry, and fun lip colors are in for this season spring and summer. Most people are afraid to wear bright colors on their lips. But in reality they are actually a great essential to try and play around to be playful. How can you call yourself a rebel and you don’t get playful. So wear bright colors.

I found this great video on how to wear bright colors. I love watching Vogue channel on YouTube because they’re always on trend but edgy enough to fit my rebel habit. So this time around rebels sit back, relax, get inspired, and try something new: