Recapping it: Spring and Summer 2014 Los Angelers


The show must go on and SS 2014 has arisen.

It has been a while Rebels and I’m back. Compared to the exams, writing for The Los Angeles Fashion Magazine, attending an exclusive blogger event, and LA Fashion Week was a fun one. I’m bit behind but I wanted to show all my adventures but the busy bee got in my way. Don’t let get me started about this semester which has been busy but that’s another post. Maybe ūüôā ¬†So below are my favs so check those out.

Lets get down to the fashion Rebels. Edge and thought-provocking looks was what I saw at Concept LA, so check out my recap:

yozeMATHIASENjenawadPaul Redmond

Get the right Accessories that fit the rebel inside of you. Vittrock

20130702212046_3014_fcqkj5u_196_196_resized“You can use it to destroy restraints and defy convention,” described words of the rebel brand Vittrock. Rebel on and take matters in your own hands.

Literally you can use statement pieces that will allow you to stand out. So why not try something with a superhero feel but a rebel look. I’m so into unique rings that I’m dying to collect more into my collection. I know every time I look down at my fingers on a daily basis and I have my awesome rings on and my nail art to go with it I’m set. Plus, Rebels you have the power to display who are and that character you play is always changing. Vittrock is awesome rebel brand. I’m excited so check it out rebels.


My Favorite is this brass metal ring that will make a statement that a Rebel is all about.

Vaettir Ring in Brass {Price $89}





The Weekend is here what to wear on a Hot Night Out

No rest for a rebel and her fight for her cause is coming along. I haven’t been posting for a while. The rebel is back and ready to go at like a beast. ¬†It has been hot and I’m ready to relax and go out. One of the trends that is out right now is black and white patterns. This pattern is hard to find especially, a square pattern like what Rihanna wore on the cover of ¬†Elle. So I have given you an example of how to pull this off. I put together black and white solid pieces like in the picture below; start out with a white bandage Alexander Wang Reptile Silk Illusion Crop Top ¬†with a peplum Jason Wu High-waisted skinny leather pants. ¬†Then I¬†accessorize¬†it with the black Caine Ring¬†double spike metal ring that gives the outfit a rough look. Pair it with a¬†Proenza Schouler Lunch Bag Extra Small Leather¬†clutch or something similar because this baby is worth something and if you can’t afford don’t worry. ¬†And if you dare to wear these¬†Dizzy Shades¬†at night you know your a rebel when you walk into a room at night with sunglasses on. I know this may seem silly but why not ? Rebel against the norm of society in the what you wear. Be proud and humble!!! ¬†The add a¬†Gold & Black Tiered Half Moon Necklace . The last thing to add is a perfect pair of heels that are¬†GIVENCHY Albertina Podium Heel in Black¬†¬†and I know they are pricey but you can always find a bargin somewhere else if you choose. I shall do a post on bargin goodies some time soon. That makes my inside smile. I love bargins and bargins are good for you rebels. ¬†It’s hard out here for a rebel sometimes but it is ok. One day if you like, buy yourself a pair of Givenchy heels when you can. For rebels anything is possible right!!!

What to wear for this hot summer night

Fight on rebels… and follow me on my fb and instagram¬†as well at lei phillips ūüôā Until the next fashion cause rebel on.

LA Fashion Week Highlights Fall/Winter 2013


LA Fashion Week has past now here in LA. The only event I was really able to go to was on Friday March15 with Style PR and Style Fashion week with designers Michael Cinco, Bryan Hearns, and Roxanne Nikki. The ambience of the show was amazing. Check it out rebels. The photos I picked are my favorite ones from that collection.

(All photos from Eva-Maria Guggenberger)

Roxanne Nikki

Colorful fur might be the next trend or I could be wrong. Nikki’s collection screams rebel with a touch of a perk in your step. Find below of creative fabrics and colorful persona to add to your wardrobe maybe?

Eva-Maria Guggenberger Eva-Maria Guggenberger2 Eva-Maria Guggenberger7 Eva-Maria Guggenberger11


Bryan Hearns 

Texture, fur and strong strides on the runway is what you got with Hearns collection. The luster of the collection shines bright in a way to stand out as an true Rebel. Ladies you better look out with these types of items in your closet and show off. Because why not?

dsc_2124 dsc_2130 dsc_2139 dsc_2156

Michael Cinco 

With this collection it was the twisted dark dream mood. What follows was a fairyland of the good and bad. Be dazzled by the crystals, flowing dresses and the story line of these pieces. Cinco takes you on this journey into his world of design for women and men. Stride on and rebel on with this!


dsc_2198 dsc_2210 dsc_2262 Photo by Winston_burrisimage


I hope you enjoyed this review and rebel on…

xx- lei.phillips

What to wear when it still feels like summer?

Fall 2012 season is here whether you like the cold or not but in Cali it is hot and I’m still in a waiting¬†suspense¬†to get this hot mess of summer behind me. I have one brand I’m in love with and it screams IT’S STILL SUMMER!!!! MOTEL ROCKS…. Awesome brand and has a touch of LA¬†Hipster to it.

Tank top and Pancho model’s own¬†Motel Rocks Blue Shorts¬†

Jacket stylist’s own, Motel Rocks Lime Green Body Con Dress

White Tank top and Printed Scarf Jacket model’s own¬†Motel Rocks Blue Shorts¬†



Fashion Stylist


Hair Stylist

Shoe Dazzle my new found love. Shoes for $39 Deal !!!

I was listening to Pandora my Brazil Jazz channel and my eyes looked over to see some amazing pink high heels with studs and spkies. All of the sudden my brain said, “Oh those are cute!!!” Then I click on the shoes and I was lead to It was the best discover I made today. The one interesting thing that moved me ¬†was the video that showcased ¬†how the site is set up for a customer to have everything personalized for their style. They even had a spotlight for different stylists to pick new shoes and¬†accessories. But any way check this video about the site.