Fall is here, now what to wear next.

This time around I decided to take my black jeans and rip them in the knee, throw on a boyfriend fitted white button up shirt and some small black boots to start the year with a fall look. Black and white are my go to apparel pieces.

Nothing can be wrong with wearing red lipsticks.  I’m wearing mine in memory of my Mom before she passed we would tell her to put on her red lipstick to feel better.  I decided to put mine on because I knew with this outfit it would be my accent color.

Now with the whole outfit, the white button up is something every women should have in their wardrobe. You can wear them dressed up or down. They are simple, but classic for the fall or any season depending on how long they are. You can wear them under tights or leggings. Even you can put on a trench coat, or  leather jacket or cardigan to stay warm.

Boyfriend button down shirt
Knee Ripped Jeans, Black booties

The ripped jeans I ended up cutting them at the knee because I got bored with them. I’ll share a link to a video below.

What’s your go to outfit you like to wear for fall?

Until next time, rebel with your style and lifestyle !

-xx lei.phillips

Summer Lemonade Edition

This summer I see a yellow mellow being the next hit. This is how I would rock this style and that’s all. “Drops Mic to the sound of slaying in formation.”
My rebel instincts are giving off of a rebellious lemonade taste. One way to describe my style is boldness either it is in my walk on the wild side or the way how I dress. This rebel at heart knows the ways of Beyonce’s slay moments of formation. Now let’s get into formation to slay.
                        Now lets have some Lemonade,
Summer Lemonade Edition


City Chic lightweight jacket

New Look long skirt
$29 – newlook.com

Backpacks bag

Vintage jar
$28 – drinkstuff.com

A Long Hot Summer Day Calls for a Cool Down #OOTD

Summer seems to be nonstop here in California. It has been blazing hot and my next outfit of the day is a great start for it. Printed floral pants are everything to me and I was lucky to just step into H&M, and when they have sales they have them. This time of the year there are a lot of retailers who have to sell their items to bring in the next seasons garments. When I use to work in retail I learned the secrets of the fashion wizards. But that’s another story to be told. Now, throw some gold accessory accents to match up with the color schemes of the overall look. My advice to you rebels is experiment with different printed pants and pair it with a simple top from MINTYMEETSMUNT. The MintyMeetsMunt motto seems to meet my goals and their steelo is “playful and edgy, with wearability also being an important element.” I’ll show you a few ways to wear printed pants in my next post. What is your favorite flavor of printed pants? When I ask flavor meaning is it floral, stripe or mixed.

image1 image3 IMG_9233 IMG_9235

Until the next episode REBELS!

Xx lei.phillips

Weekend Fun With Some Silky Harem Pants

I have been so stoked this whole weekend. And finally, I got a chance to go thrifting with my friends. I decided to do a #ootd (Outfit of the Day) after we got our treats. I will share what I got in another post.

The one thing that makes me happy are harem pants by MINTYMEETSMUNT and pockets. Comfort in your pockets is where anyone and myself would like my hands to be.  You can call this my Aaliyah songstress look. She was a force to remember and always dressed to her comfort zone. This is what I’d like to inspire. So be comfy and your style will shine through. The top I have on is something I had in my closet from Forever 21. Cropped tops are a hit or miss. The way to wear this you can pair it with high waist trousers, shorts and or skirt. Here’s the look for a weekend out with your girls my rebels:


Til next time enjoy the rest of your weekend #sundayfunday



All Photos by: Melissa Lopez

Casual Saturday Chic Look: How to Stay Chic for the Weekend 

Weekends are meant to be casual and relaxing. But it is suppose be easy going, so don’t forget to put that rebel spin on it. Well being chic and casual means to loosen up with a flair. During Monday through Friday we are just trying to get through, but the weekend is a time to let your hair down.

Whether you’re letting your hair down, going to the beach, or having fun in the city and don’t forget to add a twist of  your style to this weekend.

Light, Chic, Lace and Summer:

Mix your summer lighter color palette with a few dark pieces to add an contrast to your outfit. Light weight blazers are great for the summer and add that chic style to any outfit. I really believe wearing all white keeps you cooler too.  Lace and crochet pieces are amazing to add and very summer chic. Take a look at my picks of cool and summer chic trends to keep you like a rebel you are.


Model Behavior and Trends of a Model On-Duty

Single Dress Black Dress


Model On-duty

“Stay on Duty and in style Rebels.”

Ok, rebels I must confess to my true desires and trends I wish would come true. I pulled together some of my favorite pieces from the likes of Boohoo, AZUL by moussy, Geebin Flores, Mathiasen, and Single Dress. Each clothing of item and outfit I composed are nail-biting on trend to the model behavior on-duty. Some models have a off-duty look and these #OOTD manner of dress can help inspire you when your wanting to look your best. Look like a model and don’t care.

The BooHoo button-up dress is versatile and a one in two look where at a glance  it can be a long strappy button-up shirt. This creative cat here paired the top with a Mathiasen cropped long leaves shirt and Single Dress black slim fit harem pants to give an appearance of long legs. Pair this all ready to go out on the town with BooHoo white heels. Stay on Duty and in style rebels.

Catch this red hen and trend of fire to let loose. Geebin Flores promegranate leather symmetrical dress requires a confident woman with passion to wear this specific red. The silhouette of the dress is what unique about it and is comfy. Sexy, but comfort is all a woman needs.

One of the trends I continue to see this revolutionary klien blue for Spring/Summer 2015. The Single Dress jumpsuit is bring on the revolution of vibrant rich colors this time around. Last but not least that will complete my Model on-duty is the BooHoo silver heels. What do you Rebels think did I quench your thirst ?

  Single Dress Black Dress, Boohoo Black Chelsea Boots, like-dreams Blue Clutch 

Tell me what you think xoxoxo see you next time 😘 and get the look at:






Photos by dinbaedin

My Top Essential Pieces 

Hi Rebels, I know it’s been a while since my last post. I’m quite excited for this time of summer. So, I wanted to catch up with you Rockin’ Rebels of my top essential pieces that I have collected.  

Preppy Chic Summer Blast: 

Mathiasen cropped top, Boohoo skort, BooHoo boots, Safia cross necklace 

Skorts right now are my fav and growing up was a comfortable staple. You can play hard and work hard in them without making a mess. Comfy is my middle name and who doesn’t love to be comfy? Now the boots you see here are what I’m talking about a new trend I call comfy culture. The heel is at a great height for long walks without feeling as if you broke all your toes. Be aware that these boots are European where they run smaller. A cropped long sleeve is a item you need in your closet it’s a one stop all wear with a high waisted bottom to show a little stomach. There’s always an option to wear it with a slim fit dress to make it work. Layered long necklaces is a great fit with this chic preppy summer blast look to finish this glam squad #ootd. 

Now you rebels tell me what you think of my top essential pieces. 

Sunday Funday Printed Pants the How to Wear Edition


I Dare You to Wear Printed Pants

They don’t have to daunting but, there is a way to wear them to make yourself feel comfortable. If your adventurous try print on print like a stripe top with floral pants or double up the floral prints top and bottoms for spring.

Stripe contrast:

Sunday funday print pants


Double trouble Floral:

Floral style


Rebels don’t be scared try printed pants this season and rebel on.

The Weekend is here what to wear on a Hot Night Out

No rest for a rebel and her fight for her cause is coming along. I haven’t been posting for a while. The rebel is back and ready to go at like a beast.  It has been hot and I’m ready to relax and go out. One of the trends that is out right now is black and white patterns. This pattern is hard to find especially, a square pattern like what Rihanna wore on the cover of  Elle. So I have given you an example of how to pull this off. I put together black and white solid pieces like in the picture below; start out with a white bandage Alexander Wang Reptile Silk Illusion Crop Top  with a peplum Jason Wu High-waisted skinny leather pants.  Then I accessorize it with the black Caine Ring double spike metal ring that gives the outfit a rough look. Pair it with a Proenza Schouler Lunch Bag Extra Small Leather clutch or something similar because this baby is worth something and if you can’t afford don’t worry.  And if you dare to wear these Dizzy Shades at night you know your a rebel when you walk into a room at night with sunglasses on. I know this may seem silly but why not ? Rebel against the norm of society in the what you wear. Be proud and humble!!!  The add a Gold & Black Tiered Half Moon Necklace . The last thing to add is a perfect pair of heels that are GIVENCHY Albertina Podium Heel in Black  and I know they are pricey but you can always find a bargin somewhere else if you choose. I shall do a post on bargin goodies some time soon. That makes my inside smile. I love bargins and bargins are good for you rebels.  It’s hard out here for a rebel sometimes but it is ok. One day if you like, buy yourself a pair of Givenchy heels when you can. For rebels anything is possible right!!!

What to wear for this hot summer night

Fight on rebels… and follow me on my fb and instagram as well at lei phillips 🙂 Until the next fashion cause rebel on.