Sunday Funday Printed Pants the How to Wear Edition


I Dare You to Wear Printed Pants

They don’t have to daunting but, there is a way to wear them to make yourself feel comfortable. If your adventurous try print on print like a stripe top with floral pants or double up the floral prints top and bottoms for spring.

Stripe contrast:

Sunday funday print pants


Double trouble Floral:

Floral style


Rebels don’t be scared try printed pants this season and rebel on.

How to Wear Bright Lips for Everyday Wear

Vibrant, sultry, and fun lip colors are in for this season spring and summer. Most people are afraid to wear bright colors on their lips. But in reality they are actually a great essential to try and play around to be playful. How can you call yourself a rebel and you don’t get playful. So wear bright colors.

I found this great video on how to wear bright colors. I love watching Vogue channel on YouTube because they’re always on trend but edgy enough to fit my rebel habit. So this time around rebels sit back, relax, get inspired, and try something new:

Recapping it: Spring and Summer 2014 Los Angelers


The show must go on and SS 2014 has arisen.

It has been a while Rebels and I’m back. Compared to the exams, writing for The Los Angeles Fashion Magazine, attending an exclusive blogger event, and LA Fashion Week was a fun one. I’m bit behind but I wanted to show all my adventures but the busy bee got in my way. Don’t let get me started about this semester which has been busy but that’s another post. Maybe ūüôā ¬†So below are my favs so check those out.

Lets get down to the fashion Rebels. Edge and thought-provocking looks was what I saw at Concept LA, so check out my recap:

yozeMATHIASENjenawadPaul Redmond

We are cool and rebels… Show who you are and don’t fucking care ;)

I feel I need to be honest with my Rebels and say who I am. Maybe inspire someone else who have used fashion as a out look in order to express themselves. So I wanted to give a name to a face. But before I do that rebels we must have a convo from one person to another person type of chat.

Many years before I knew who I was I pretended to be someone I wasn’t and hid myself from so many people where they thought who is this woman. I was scared of my own wit and smarts, even question myself, “Why am so afraid to show the world my true self.”  Then I went into trying to pretend to be some one else. I decided to become Tyra Banks with long straight hair. Don’t get me wrong rebels it is ok to fake it until you make it but one day you have to say,” I see the world and I want to eat it.” The world is a hugh place and it may seem like an ocean that is so deep. But we are capable of floating and getting to the main land. 

We are stronger then what think we are. If you feel like you need to get out that shell then do it. Rebel for yourself and know that the people who are suppose to be your friends will still hang around. We all going to die. Why not live now for yourself and yourself only.

Now go and rebel for your cause, to get out of your shell, and to get out of your way. Use the things that inspire you to move forward. I used fashion as a way to express my feelings. The one thing about fashion I find most uplifting is the fact the FASHION HAS GUTS to talk about and show us who we truly are.

we are cool

Photographer: Clark for

So now that I have jabbered on about my story take a look at me the Rebel herself Lei Phillips. Now show me who you are Rebels ūüėČ  

Spring Rebels Guide to rebel in your everyday wear at work

Rebels who work in a office can get away with looking rebellious but in a conventional way. All you have to do is carry yourself with a rebel outlook that screams, “I’m rebellious!!!” But how do you do this ? A rebellious outlook is thinking freely and wearing what is comfortable to your personal style. I handpicked a few items that would accomplish that well. You can pair this sleek white and black Boutique Beth Boucle & Quilt Monochrome Biker Jacket as your blazer instead with a slim fit Single beige dress¬†underneath. As for the shoes pair them with a short bootie. Now the next look is classic but great for a professional look the Single pink dress. Your need an outfit that can relax even more so I choose this Single blue jumper¬†and teal Safia bracelet. ¬†Enjoy Rebels.

springpost4 copy       white and black Boo Hoo Boutique Beth Boucle & Quilt Monochrome Biker Jacket

Single beige dress


springpost3       Single pink dress

springpost1      Single blue jumper   teal Safia bracelet


Photographer: Shannon Jankula

Makeup artist and Hair stylist: Courtney Housner

Model: ¬†Destiny Sierra¬†–Wilhelmina Models

The Weekend is here what to wear on a Hot Night Out

No rest for a rebel and her fight for her cause is coming along. I haven’t been posting for a while. The rebel is back and ready to go at like a beast. ¬†It has been hot and I’m ready to relax and go out. One of the trends that is out right now is black and white patterns. This pattern is hard to find especially, a square pattern like what Rihanna wore on the cover of ¬†Elle. So I have given you an example of how to pull this off. I put together black and white solid pieces like in the picture below; start out with a white bandage Alexander Wang Reptile Silk Illusion Crop Top ¬†with a peplum Jason Wu High-waisted skinny leather pants. ¬†Then I¬†accessorize¬†it with the black Caine Ring¬†double spike metal ring that gives the outfit a rough look. Pair it with a¬†Proenza Schouler Lunch Bag Extra Small Leather¬†clutch or something similar because this baby is worth something and if you can’t afford don’t worry. ¬†And if you dare to wear these¬†Dizzy Shades¬†at night you know your a rebel when you walk into a room at night with sunglasses on. I know this may seem silly but why not ? Rebel against the norm of society in the what you wear. Be proud and humble!!! ¬†The add a¬†Gold & Black Tiered Half Moon Necklace . The last thing to add is a perfect pair of heels that are¬†GIVENCHY Albertina Podium Heel in Black¬†¬†and I know they are pricey but you can always find a bargin somewhere else if you choose. I shall do a post on bargin goodies some time soon. That makes my inside smile. I love bargins and bargins are good for you rebels. ¬†It’s hard out here for a rebel sometimes but it is ok. One day if you like, buy yourself a pair of Givenchy heels when you can. For rebels anything is possible right!!!

What to wear for this hot summer night

Fight on rebels… and follow me on my fb and instagram¬†as well at lei phillips ūüôā Until the next fashion cause rebel on.

How can Fashion can help to show your true self.

Now lets talk rebels. We don’t like to talk about our¬†vulnerabilities¬†or even say that our flaws are beautiful. If we are sensitive creatures then why not show it. The one thing that I learned from fashion is that if you don’t think you are beautiful then fashion will take what you think is ugly and turn into something beautiful. So why not talk about our vulnerabilities and rebel against our norm of not showing our true¬†selves. Here are some true inspiration pictures that go with us not talking about our flaws. As well, I added a video from TED talking about the power of vulnerabilities.

Photographer Damien Blottere –Common Sense Men Magazine


Photographer Damien Blottere –¬†OUT Magazine ¬†Jean Paul Gautier


Photographer Damien Blottiere Calvin Klein x Dazed & Confused Magazine 



Model Andrej Pejic¬†Photographer Anthony Maule –Dazed Confused Magazine¬†


Photographer Bon Duke- Bullet Magazine



Photographer Mel Bles – Dazed and Confused Magazine


Rebel by talking on issues no one wants to bring up

After going to two events that uplifted myself I wanted to bring some insight from a rebel to another rebel. The events I went to was Commemoration on Dr. Martin Luther King, JR. with keynote speaker Dr. Eric Michael Eric Dyson, where it was about how to keep ourselves talking about issues we don’t want to talk about. And National School Choice week where we all have a choice on what school we want for our K-12 students to go like Charter schools. This has inspired me to do more and talk more about how a fashion rebel can contribute to society. And by doing this I’m planning to add additional rebel guides/ video blogs. I feel a rebel resides every where and comes in every shape and size. Being a rebel means you have to live it and speak it.

“Rebel because it is your right to push the boundaries because nothing is off the table for discussion.” Rebel quote by me.¬†

So this post is about pushing boundaries and talking about what we don’t want to talk about in our society with images. There will be more to share this week.

(Photos from¬†Vogue Italia Aug 2010 and photographed by Steven Meisel)¬†This spread caused a lot of chats and made us think about our¬†environment¬†and how important to take care of our earth. Let’s talk about our earth and the dangers of we cause to the earth. I know we don’t intend to release chaos but it is time to talk and to do things differently.

tumblr_m4830slhJ01qflugpo1_500 Vogue-Italia-August-Cover vogue-italia-water-oil-spill-10 vogueitaliaAug2010