Muse Review with the lady with the red urge of passion

A lady in red can be compared with the lady who sees the world with fire red urges to her lifestyle. I wasn’t expecting to find this red dress, but I did in the most adventurous way. The last couple of weeks I decided to take my camera and go to the fashion district in Downtown LA to do street photography. I found my muse walking with a hand full of fashion magazines and clothes. I was scared to go up to her, yet I had that fire urge like I was saying earlier. She had it too, and I could tell by her first few words of revealing she was a vintage shop owner of Quirk. And other adventurous skill sets of being a Head Stylist and Coordinator​,  Melynda Choothesa started her own fashion consulting company called Couture Zen. 

Photo by Lei Phillips

As warm hearted as she can be Melynda invited me to her 1 year anniversary party by the third time I went to her shop to interview her. And going back to that day I asked her if I could take a picture of her outfit. Melynda replied with a sure and, ” but I need to open my store first.” When we started to strolled down the path of Main St. there was no sign of silence. Melynda and I chatted like old friends without hesitation. Once we steered closer to her store Melynda started to search for her keys to open the gate of her shop. Once Melynda got settled I captured her in that moment with garments of clothes and magazines in one hand. In that moment Melynda became my muse. Here is her story and how she got started: 

From the first time I went to Quirk I saw a fire red vintage wrap dress by Diane Von Furstenberg. I knew I wanted it and thanks to Melynda with her fire red urges to live life in passion I said yes to the dress. See Rebels! 

Check them out Quirk at:  

616 S. Main St. |Los Angeles, CA. 

Photo by Heather Carr

Now that concludes my muse review until next time. Don’t forget to rebel with your style and your lifestyle because life is too short to be stuck in your ways. 

-xx Lei Phillips

Muse Review of Pocket Square Clothing Pop-up Shop

Two upcoming designers at Pocket Square Clothing where normally housed with menswear. Both lovely souls with a talented passion in minimalist design and the other a woman’s need to dress freely in her own way.

Kestan’s was built on taking responsibility for the environment and staying simple through shades blush to neutral colors of pale pinks and grays. &nicole created by Natalia named after her sister and wanted to have her brand stand for women. The use of leather and Navajo  prints are just teasers of what is to come.

Their lines will be still on display until the March 31. So check it out if you live and breathe for new talent that is as rebellious in what they do.

Pocket Square Clothing

205 W. 7th St., Los Angeles, CA 90014

Weekend Fun With Some Silky Harem Pants

I have been so stoked this whole weekend. And finally, I got a chance to go thrifting with my friends. I decided to do a #ootd (Outfit of the Day) after we got our treats. I will share what I got in another post.

The one thing that makes me happy are harem pants by MINTYMEETSMUNT and pockets. Comfort in your pockets is where anyone and myself would like my hands to be.  You can call this my Aaliyah songstress look. She was a force to remember and always dressed to her comfort zone. This is what I’d like to inspire. So be comfy and your style will shine through. The top I have on is something I had in my closet from Forever 21. Cropped tops are a hit or miss. The way to wear this you can pair it with high waist trousers, shorts and or skirt. Here’s the look for a weekend out with your girls my rebels:


Til next time enjoy the rest of your weekend #sundayfunday



All Photos by: Melissa Lopez

Casual Saturday Chic Look: How to Stay Chic for the Weekend 

Weekends are meant to be casual and relaxing. But it is suppose be easy going, so don’t forget to put that rebel spin on it. Well being chic and casual means to loosen up with a flair. During Monday through Friday we are just trying to get through, but the weekend is a time to let your hair down.

Whether you’re letting your hair down, going to the beach, or having fun in the city and don’t forget to add a twist of  your style to this weekend.

Light, Chic, Lace and Summer:

Mix your summer lighter color palette with a few dark pieces to add an contrast to your outfit. Light weight blazers are great for the summer and add that chic style to any outfit. I really believe wearing all white keeps you cooler too.  Lace and crochet pieces are amazing to add and very summer chic. Take a look at my picks of cool and summer chic trends to keep you like a rebel you are.


Model Behavior and Trends of a Model On-Duty

Single Dress Black Dress


Model On-duty

“Stay on Duty and in style Rebels.”

Ok, rebels I must confess to my true desires and trends I wish would come true. I pulled together some of my favorite pieces from the likes of Boohoo, AZUL by moussy, Geebin Flores, Mathiasen, and Single Dress. Each clothing of item and outfit I composed are nail-biting on trend to the model behavior on-duty. Some models have a off-duty look and these #OOTD manner of dress can help inspire you when your wanting to look your best. Look like a model and don’t care.

The BooHoo button-up dress is versatile and a one in two look where at a glance  it can be a long strappy button-up shirt. This creative cat here paired the top with a Mathiasen cropped long leaves shirt and Single Dress black slim fit harem pants to give an appearance of long legs. Pair this all ready to go out on the town with BooHoo white heels. Stay on Duty and in style rebels.

Catch this red hen and trend of fire to let loose. Geebin Flores promegranate leather symmetrical dress requires a confident woman with passion to wear this specific red. The silhouette of the dress is what unique about it and is comfy. Sexy, but comfort is all a woman needs.

One of the trends I continue to see this revolutionary klien blue for Spring/Summer 2015. The Single Dress jumpsuit is bring on the revolution of vibrant rich colors this time around. Last but not least that will complete my Model on-duty is the BooHoo silver heels. What do you Rebels think did I quench your thirst ?

  Single Dress Black Dress, Boohoo Black Chelsea Boots, like-dreams Blue Clutch 

Tell me what you think xoxoxo see you next time 😘 and get the look at:

Photos by dinbaedin

Blow Them Out of the Water And Rock in Style: Ruby Rose Rebel Style Icon in my Eyes

In three days I noticed how I binge watched Ruby Rose, in Orange is the New Black. She took my attention away and I had to google who she was. Model, DJ, and actor Rose have captivated me and other people as well. It has to be her gaze and how she is able to interact with Piper to point she is hooked. There have been talks of women crushing all over her. She has a great sense of style, knows who she is and doesn’t give two cents what others think of her. 

Photo by: James Worthington

On my search on Rose I found this lovely video from YouTube on gender fluidity. In a past article on Rose explains what it means to be gender fluid. “I’m not a guy; I don’t really feel like a woman, but obviously I was born one,” says Rose. “So, I’m somewhere in the middle, which – in my perfect imagination – is like having the best of both sexes.”  

For Rose she is able to move into two identities that she is content with. Rose adds,”I have a lot of characteristics that would normally be present in a guy and then less that would be present in a woman.” So look at this video that questions this notion: 

My Top Essential Pieces 

Hi Rebels, I know it’s been a while since my last post. I’m quite excited for this time of summer. So, I wanted to catch up with you Rockin’ Rebels of my top essential pieces that I have collected.  

Preppy Chic Summer Blast: 

Mathiasen cropped top, Boohoo skort, BooHoo boots, Safia cross necklace 

Skorts right now are my fav and growing up was a comfortable staple. You can play hard and work hard in them without making a mess. Comfy is my middle name and who doesn’t love to be comfy? Now the boots you see here are what I’m talking about a new trend I call comfy culture. The heel is at a great height for long walks without feeling as if you broke all your toes. Be aware that these boots are European where they run smaller. A cropped long sleeve is a item you need in your closet it’s a one stop all wear with a high waisted bottom to show a little stomach. There’s always an option to wear it with a slim fit dress to make it work. Layered long necklaces is a great fit with this chic preppy summer blast look to finish this glam squad #ootd. 

Now you rebels tell me what you think of my top essential pieces. 

Get That Sporty Look, But with a Edge my Rebel Men!!!

Jacket BoohooMan, Poka-dot T-Shirt BoohooMan, Indigo Apron Harem Pants Matiere

Your worries and prayers are answered now. My favorite menswear line that gives any man an aha moment of excitement is Matiere.  The line maintains “a clean, understated, and refined point of view.”  Modern silhouettes, creative, and pushing the boundaries of fabrications are seen through-out the line. In the picture above, the indigo apron harem pants are great an addition to your wardrobe. Rock it with a simple graphic tee BoohooMan and letterman style jacket BoohooMan to add a sporty look.

IMG_2959(1)Floral Suit by AZUL by Moussy,  Yellow Thermal Shirt AZUL by Moussy, Grey Leggings

The second look I pulled together is a all floral suit by AZUL by Moussy. When wearing all floral you must not be scared to try something new. By pairing the grey leggings it makes a sporty look and adding the tennies will add that causal look. Sporty with a touch of edge is a great look to experiment with and can be effortless. Try it as bit of inspiration pick and choose what works best for you. So get the look by following the links below.



AZUL by Moussy


All Photos by AJL-C

Model Evan Gomez

Styled by Lei Phillips

LA Fashion Week with Concept Show Spring/ Summer 2015


Concept LA is about making fashion the art piece in a gallery with dramatic lighting. 



JBurgos collection showcased their line for a business savvy woman who isn’t afraid to take risks. My favorite look is the short high low a-line salmon dress is a great look for a night on the town. Its counter-part to that dress the salmon colored slim fitting hitting above the knee garment has my heart. My third look I’m loving is the Lust Green jumper. The collection as a whole is cohesive with contrasting pieces shows how diverse it is. Take the world by storm and be bright and vibrant this year.



Color blocking, playful print, bold colors is here this coming Spring/Summer 2015. The pop of my life is the colors used in Mathiasen’s line is playful and sophisticated. Who says you can’t have a good time and look professional.  The preppy jackets, zig-zag print aline dress and top, and abstract flora printed trench coat is a great pieces to pair with in any outfit. Young and bold is in all of us deep down. Rebel on 🙂


Mike Vensel

Who says art is the only thing to focus on when you have models to be the center of attention. From the modern woman to the cool girls who want to be seen would wear Mike Vensel’s collection. All black everything is the rebel thing to do. Of course a rebel would. From the cut-out garments to the sleek sophisticated looks will make any woman to decide to wear this line.


Aeneas Erlking

Rock on to this collection. From the makeup to the clothes show us how to rebel. Taking the color white and making it badass is the thing to do if your a rebel without a cause. I love the use of plaid and this trend is a classic. Especially if you can mix plaid and floral in on shirt is great juxtaposition. More leather and more leather is the amazing to have for every season.


Photographer Freeman McFaddden 


Sofia By Vix House Party

beach fun

Ain’t No Party Like a Malibu House Party

I’m kicking it off in Malibu sponsered by Teen Vogue to give you rebels the goods on Sofia By Vix the Summer 2104 line, LUX NailsTrish McEvoy makeup, and Beats Music. On Thursday July 10, 2014 was eventful with a day full of meet & greet with other bloggers alike coming to view Sofia By Vix Swimwear to have a personal up and close encounter of one, two piece swimming suits, and coverup dresses. Below is my top ones I adore and photos of the event. Plus, I have a discount for all my rebels that I would like to share and the code is HOUSEPARTY. Be sure to use it soon. It expires on July 31, 2014.


Siberia Ripple One Piece

cover up dress






It was even fun to have Trish McEvoy’s makeup gurus giving pointers to get that summer glow by putting on a little  shimmer blush on the top of your cheek bones is way to get a sun-kissed fresh summer look. What I love about Trish McEvoy is the fact you could have a set of makeup all in one called a Makeup Planner. This includes eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, and eyeliner is an example of what you could get in a set with a cute makeup bag.

makeup planner

day glow

Nail polish can be easy as LVX Nails, which I love the high gloss of the color of the polish. LVX brings luxury and fashion without compromise and a fresh color palette from the runway. This nail polish has gel-like finish,cruelty free/ vegan, and long lasting stay. The color I got in my gift bag was in laguna color. Their summer colors are lemon drop, viola, laguna,  porcelaine, aster, and lolli.

Screen shot 2014-07-14 at 1.12.35 PM

Rebels I’m Out. Check out these awesome products and


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