The Holidays is Here and New Products to Consider Hmmm…


Special showing of Spring and Summer 2014

This past week was a blast. To kick off the holidays I went to the First Glimpse Bloggers-only event housed in Seven Points edgy men’s wear clothing store, where there were offering special discounts and gift ideas.  This event was for a private viewing for bloggers and stylists with serving of Hint cocktails made the night. 


The arena of the store was showcased by Media Playground PR where they had a live photo shoot and model installation featuring Pretty Glam Special lingerie showed sweet lingerie wearable art collaborations with Radeo. The artists change from time to time, Radeo is great artist, and the theme of her panties is galaxy and Knot robot bikini. I will be rocking those babies for sure my fav.


Frends stylist headphones are must for a music lover’s wardrobe and fashionistas alike. These babies come with interchangeable headphone caps in gold, luminous oil slick, and girlish teal colors. There are more cap selections and headphone sizes sold at Nordstrom’s. The cool thing is the headphones are collapsible and can be put into your purse. Function meets fashion is on my list for Christmas.


My fellow rebel friends were there with me to also experience the first looks of Silvana K jewelry, made in rebellious Los Angeles with recycled metals of necklaces, earrings, and rings. These jewels are unforgettable and make me daydream of them all.

Miami-based designer Lorie Lester presented Spring 2014 collection and few pieces from Fall 2013. Lester’s designs range from dresses, pantsuits, and skirts. What she is known for is her mesh inserts and elegantly bare styling. The look of the collection is rough grunge and with a feminine boho touch, which can be transformed from day to night looks.

lorie lester

This event was great collaboration with Emblem Showroom, Media Playground PR, and Blogger Babes blogger association giving a great impression of a special showing of new products and collections.

For all links click on bold words to find out more info Rebels…. So go on rebel to your next holiday event.

Photo Credit of event – Jeff Linnett

Recapping it: Spring and Summer 2014 Los Angelers


The show must go on and SS 2014 has arisen.

It has been a while Rebels and I’m back. Compared to the exams, writing for The Los Angeles Fashion Magazine, attending an exclusive blogger event, and LA Fashion Week was a fun one. I’m bit behind but I wanted to show all my adventures but the busy bee got in my way. Don’t let get me started about this semester which has been busy but that’s another post. Maybe 🙂  So below are my favs so check those out.

Lets get down to the fashion Rebels. Edge and thought-provocking looks was what I saw at Concept LA, so check out my recap:

yozeMATHIASENjenawadPaul Redmond

Get the right Accessories that fit the rebel inside of you. Vittrock

20130702212046_3014_fcqkj5u_196_196_resized“You can use it to destroy restraints and defy convention,” described words of the rebel brand Vittrock. Rebel on and take matters in your own hands.

Literally you can use statement pieces that will allow you to stand out. So why not try something with a superhero feel but a rebel look. I’m so into unique rings that I’m dying to collect more into my collection. I know every time I look down at my fingers on a daily basis and I have my awesome rings on and my nail art to go with it I’m set. Plus, Rebels you have the power to display who are and that character you play is always changing. Vittrock is awesome rebel brand. I’m excited so check it out rebels.


My Favorite is this brass metal ring that will make a statement that a Rebel is all about.

Vaettir Ring in Brass {Price $89}





Summer Statement Accessories you need or could make


Statement pieces are the essential to any outfit. You can make a basic a outfit with accessories. But one of my issues is that making sure you don’t lose your earrings, rings, or bracelets. I seem to lose these things like it wasn’t even mine.

Accessories are to hard to keep and I know for myself I loose them. But first let me introduce you to my own name for do it yourself.  BYODS, which means exactly this, “By Your Own Damn Self” project. I’m a rebel and free-spirit person I like to come up with my own names so BYODS is my DIY. So Rebels my moral of this story is make your own words for the norm so that you can have a better association with it and know how to make it your passion.


 So back to accessories. The best pieces to have in your jewelry box are pieces screams who you are. Rings are my favorite. You can tell what type of personality that person has. So I have been trying to find different rings that look well together. Using Pinterest is a good start to figure out what is your style or to find a different ways to wear rings. Take a look at a few of the photos I found on Pinterest. 

All photos from Pinterest

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Spring Rebels Guide to rebel in your everyday wear at work

Rebels who work in a office can get away with looking rebellious but in a conventional way. All you have to do is carry yourself with a rebel outlook that screams, “I’m rebellious!!!” But how do you do this ? A rebellious outlook is thinking freely and wearing what is comfortable to your personal style. I handpicked a few items that would accomplish that well. You can pair this sleek white and black Boutique Beth Boucle & Quilt Monochrome Biker Jacket as your blazer instead with a slim fit Single beige dress underneath. As for the shoes pair them with a short bootie. Now the next look is classic but great for a professional look the Single pink dress. Your need an outfit that can relax even more so I choose this Single blue jumper and teal Safia bracelet.  Enjoy Rebels.

springpost4 copy       white and black Boo Hoo Boutique Beth Boucle & Quilt Monochrome Biker Jacket

Single beige dress


springpost3       Single pink dress

springpost1      Single blue jumper   teal Safia bracelet


Photographer: Shannon Jankula

Makeup artist and Hair stylist: Courtney Housner

Model:  Destiny Sierra –Wilhelmina Models

LA Fashion Week Highlights Fall/Winter 2013


LA Fashion Week has past now here in LA. The only event I was really able to go to was on Friday March15 with Style PR and Style Fashion week with designers Michael Cinco, Bryan Hearns, and Roxanne Nikki. The ambience of the show was amazing. Check it out rebels. The photos I picked are my favorite ones from that collection.

(All photos from Eva-Maria Guggenberger)

Roxanne Nikki

Colorful fur might be the next trend or I could be wrong. Nikki’s collection screams rebel with a touch of a perk in your step. Find below of creative fabrics and colorful persona to add to your wardrobe maybe?

Eva-Maria Guggenberger Eva-Maria Guggenberger2 Eva-Maria Guggenberger7 Eva-Maria Guggenberger11


Bryan Hearns 

Texture, fur and strong strides on the runway is what you got with Hearns collection. The luster of the collection shines bright in a way to stand out as an true Rebel. Ladies you better look out with these types of items in your closet and show off. Because why not?

dsc_2124 dsc_2130 dsc_2139 dsc_2156

Michael Cinco 

With this collection it was the twisted dark dream mood. What follows was a fairyland of the good and bad. Be dazzled by the crystals, flowing dresses and the story line of these pieces. Cinco takes you on this journey into his world of design for women and men. Stride on and rebel on with this!


dsc_2198 dsc_2210 dsc_2262 Photo by Winston_burrisimage


I hope you enjoyed this review and rebel on…

xx- lei.phillips