New month new me

This month I decided why not go ahead and start something new.

Hello November 2017,

I found myself wondering what would it be like if I thought this was my last days on earth. Life has thrown me different lemons like for instants, I got a warning from my Doctor that my blood cells were lower than what they should be at my annual check up. The results of my blood test was showing signs of a possibility of me having leukemia. And that made me think that life is too precious and valuable then to waste more time with worries, doubts, and sadness. I have been through a lot and I want to continue to be happy and content.

So my project to myself is do a self portraits and ootds in black and white in order to get back into the basics. Join me and see what I create. I’m a creator with dreams and aspirations.

We create what we want and need, follow me to do that. My IG account as well for more visuals @LeiPhillips.

City Street Styler Photography

Last weekend on a Sunday afternoon, I decided to go out and shoot some street wear photography in my home neck of the woods at the Sunday Historic Market in Downtown Los Angeles and the surrounding area. The nerves kicked in as I asked each person to take a picture of them. My friend that was with me told said, “You’re just going have to get use to it and ask!” As blunt as it sounds I knew I had to put my negative thoughts behind me and just shoot. Even though this wasn’t my first time taking photos. This always happens and once I get over my fears I just do.  If you don’t try and put yourself out there Rebels you will never know what your true potential is.

Take a look and tell me what you think and please follow me on Instagram @CityStreetStyler.



The Limitless Rebel Muse


Photos by Heather Carr

Today, I got a feeling of hope and inspiration from that inner voice you seem to forget that is there. The little things count and rebel muse is my space to give back power to you rebels. I believe life should be lived like their are no limits. These days you maybe in your own way of living the fullest. But, let me tell you something that I continue to forget about: Everything will be okay and will work out. There are plenty of opportunities out in this world that you may have not tapped into. So, be your own rebel muse today and everyday.


Be that muse who:

  • Creates a path that you are happy to take
  • Don’t let the limit of life get in your way
  • Change the things you can change one day at time
  • Enjoy nature and dance your butt off to the sunshine that shows up on your doorstep

Lastly step onto that faith, jump, dive deep and be your own rebel muse!


Signing out my rebels–lei.phillips


Love Thy Self and Rebel with Your Style



Photo by: Heather Carr

As I look at myself in the mirror more and more I discover a beautiful woman who dreams of being more than what society ask of me. I am a rebel at heart in my life, and the way I do that is by taking risks and dreaming to become the woman I see myself growing into being. I stand in my strength and hope to guide someone else to rebel in his or her thinking, style and life. Love yourself and everyone who righteously crosses your path they are the ones who deserves your love. Valentines day is a time to love those who are in your life and don’t take them for granted. Wishing you all well. This year I will be sharing my experiences abroad soon. It was the best risk I took and I have no regrets. Happy Valentines to you all. ❤

To my loves and your sweet loving I feel,




Lei Phillips Takes on England from Los Angeles Pt 2: How to Pack for 4 Months

 London I have arrived or should I say the country side of England, Hatfield.

Packing for a four month stay

The thought process that I had about packing was a pain in my mind. I went about a week and half overthinking this process. Until the time came for me to pack and I became aware that everything is a trial and error. I would pack a few things in my luggage and the next day I leave my mind to think a bit of what’s next to pack. The day I didn’t pack my mind went on a tangent and I wrote everything done. From there it gave me an idea of what to bring.

Hatfield is in a small town and about 30 minutes away from London. I love the fact that I can be in city one moment and take a train ride to London. Its an adventure all in one. But other people say it is like you are on a mission. The transportation is bit tricky, but as I keep traveling out I get better at it.


First, is the planning part of what to pack and the weather of the London has helped me to see the finish line of this trip. So, what did I pack?

  • Rain Coat to weather the long days of rain
  • Leather Jacket for the other days to look like the Rebel that I am
  • A few Sweater Dresses to match with some Thigh High Boots with a good pair sweater stockings
  • Long Sleeve basic shirts to go under to keep warm
  • Graphic Tees to sum up your personal style in 5 seconds
  • Heels in nude, black, and bright color for your night on the town
  • Warm Socks to keep your feet warm, but your heart warm too while out and about
  • Oh, don’t forget a good pair of sneakers to explore in
  • Did I forget some lace up boots to weather any outing
  • Cross bag to carry all your essentials in

theEssentialslist1 theEssentialslist2



The lasting pieces to now think about are your everyday products like lotion, hair supplies, face wash, tooth paste and brush, which you can be bought once you arrive. Now that I’m here I’m excited to share with you guys what I will be doing.

p.s. I have a treat for you Rebels out there. I created a list of top 3 stuntin’ things I did before I left sunny California one is a themed #OOTD look. Don’t forget to rebel with your style and conquer the world!

xx – lei.phillips

Coming to the UK: My Travel Series Pt. 1 of Bundling Up

rebelsatheart quote    Words can’t describe the feeling I’m having now and how close this trip is for me. So, I wanted to share my thoughts, style and rebel ways of a go-getter to take over the world. My word of advice for anyone is to go for what you love. And my motto is this:

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to out and kick ass.” –Maya Angelou

      Since I’m traveling to London, U.K. I thought it would be a great read and entertaining way to share my #ootd or lets say packing series. This will be my first time traveling and I’m going to have a blast. I hope I can help those who are afraid to make moves and say:

“It’s ok to go out there and discover the world. You owe it to yourself.”

   Save up for that trip and go for it. Rebel with your lifestyle and do you because no can do it better then you. Why live in small world when there is a bigger one out there to explore and succeed.

      Enough with my rant of go out in the world and rule it. My look I pulled together here is one of my favs. The clothing I have on is mix of clothes of my exploring ass to thrift stores and digging in my closet. Plus, I was luck enough to get this amazing heather grey sweatshirt from CottonHood. I’m obsessed with how it is soft, comfortable and a great piece to layer. I paired it with faux leather jacket, black and white printed pants, handbag, and black booties.

    I have treat for all my followers too! A 25% off with a code, so go experience the comforts of CottonHood by using REBELSATHEART25. My special to you rebels!!!

     xx- Enjoy and go out and grab the world by the lapels. Kick ass!


We are cool and rebels… Show who you are and don’t fucking care ;)

I feel I need to be honest with my Rebels and say who I am. Maybe inspire someone else who have used fashion as a out look in order to express themselves. So I wanted to give a name to a face. But before I do that rebels we must have a convo from one person to another person type of chat.

Many years before I knew who I was I pretended to be someone I wasn’t and hid myself from so many people where they thought who is this woman. I was scared of my own wit and smarts, even question myself, “Why am so afraid to show the world my true self.”  Then I went into trying to pretend to be some one else. I decided to become Tyra Banks with long straight hair. Don’t get me wrong rebels it is ok to fake it until you make it but one day you have to say,” I see the world and I want to eat it.” The world is a hugh place and it may seem like an ocean that is so deep. But we are capable of floating and getting to the main land. 

We are stronger then what think we are. If you feel like you need to get out that shell then do it. Rebel for yourself and know that the people who are suppose to be your friends will still hang around. We all going to die. Why not live now for yourself and yourself only.

Now go and rebel for your cause, to get out of your shell, and to get out of your way. Use the things that inspire you to move forward. I used fashion as a way to express my feelings. The one thing about fashion I find most uplifting is the fact the FASHION HAS GUTS to talk about and show us who we truly are.

we are cool

Photographer: Clark for

So now that I have jabbered on about my story take a look at me the Rebel herself Lei Phillips. Now show me who you are Rebels 😉  

How can Fashion can help to show your true self.

Now lets talk rebels. We don’t like to talk about our vulnerabilities or even say that our flaws are beautiful. If we are sensitive creatures then why not show it. The one thing that I learned from fashion is that if you don’t think you are beautiful then fashion will take what you think is ugly and turn into something beautiful. So why not talk about our vulnerabilities and rebel against our norm of not showing our true selves. Here are some true inspiration pictures that go with us not talking about our flaws. As well, I added a video from TED talking about the power of vulnerabilities.

Photographer Damien Blottere –Common Sense Men Magazine


Photographer Damien Blottere – OUT Magazine  Jean Paul Gautier


Photographer Damien Blottiere Calvin Klein x Dazed & Confused Magazine 



Model Andrej Pejic Photographer Anthony Maule –Dazed Confused Magazine 


Photographer Bon Duke- Bullet Magazine



Photographer Mel Bles – Dazed and Confused Magazine