More Insight About Myself, Lei Phillips:

I was born and raised in sunny California where I grew up believing in clothes are meant to say something and standingIMG_9269 tall to finding your style is important. I attended Otis College of Art & Design in Graphic Design and California Long Beach State University in Journalism and Fashion Merchandising. I never knew that it will lead me to the person that I am presently. And now I ready to further my insights into style, design aesthetics, and immerse myself into writing. I continue to believe that the changing times of trends and style is what I wanted to be a part of and I see fashion as a way to connect to self and the world around us.  I also, believe this to be true and I  want to convey just that here in my blog. I have many accomplishments being a Freelance Fashion Stylist and I have been published in a few magazines called Lucire Magazine, Kenton Magazine, Chiffon Magazine, and AMMO Magazine just to name a few. I specialize in Editorials, Red Carpet Events, Model Portfolio Development, Personal Shopper/ Image Consultant services. My determination to the fashion industry is stronger and contributing to fashion in a positive way is my goal. So enjoy Rebels and don’t forget to rebel with your style!

My top categories of topics that I love talking about are #OOTD looks, Muse Reviews, Beauty, and Lifestyle. First, my favorite is #OOTD, I’m obsessed with clothes why not ? It is in my second nature. Muse Reviews is on fashion trends, fashion companies, and fashion muses that are rebellious in their own right. Beauty is of course is about makeup, but I’d like to rant about what is considered beautiful and why. So dive deep with me to discover and talk about the issues. Lastly, Lifestyle is everything and anything that inspires me to give power back to you my rebels on life and what I’m up to in #IRL aka In real life.

If you are wanting to get in touch with me on any of my services please do contact me (Phillips.Lei@gmail.com) and I will get back to you.

      “Either you are a designer or someone who likes to push the boundaries of what you wear and what you do in your lifestyle. I’d like to contribute to my followers in their style and help them to break out the mode of mundane way of dress. Being outside of the box is what helps people to flourish in their lives. I love being that one person to push for my followers, inspire, and create a space where they are not afraid to be who they truly are. They are fashion rebels who rebels on with a cause,” -lei.phillips 


Lei Phillips

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