Fall is here, now what to wear next.

This time around I decided to take my black jeans and rip them in the knee, throw on a boyfriend fitted white button up shirt and some small black boots to start the year with a fall look. Black and white are my go to apparel pieces.

Nothing can be wrong with wearing red lipsticks.  I’m wearing mine in memory of my Mom before she passed we would tell her to put on her red lipstick to feel better.  I decided to put mine on because I knew with this outfit it would be my accent color.

Now with the whole outfit, the white button up is something every women should have in their wardrobe. You can wear them dressed up or down. They are simple, but classic for the fall or any season depending on how long they are. You can wear them under tights or leggings. Even you can put on a trench coat, or  leather jacket or cardigan to stay warm.

Boyfriend button down shirt
Knee Ripped Jeans, Black booties

The ripped jeans I ended up cutting them at the knee because I got bored with them. I’ll share a link to a video below.

What’s your go to outfit you like to wear for fall?

Until next time, rebel with your style and lifestyle !

-xx lei.phillips

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