New month new me

This month I decided why not go ahead and start something new.

Hello November 2017,

I found myself wondering what would it be like if I thought this was my last days on earth. Life has thrown me different lemons like for instants, I got a warning from my Doctor that my blood cells were lower than what they should be at my annual check up. The results of my blood test was showing signs of a possibility of me having leukemia. And that made me think that life is too precious and valuable then to waste more time with worries, doubts, and sadness. I have been through a lot and I want to continue to be happy and content.

So my project to myself is do a self portraits and ootds in black and white in order to get back into the basics. Join me and see what I create. I’m a creator with dreams and aspirations.

We create what we want and need, follow me to do that. My IG account as well for more visuals @LeiPhillips.

Tell me what you think

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