Nicole Miller’s pop-up shop kicks off LA Fashion Week for this Rebel

As the last sun-rays filled the Sunset Blvd Nicole Miller boutique location fashion enthusiasts walked into see the SS2017 collection. Undertones of the new collection of elements brought traditional Panama with modern New York City mixture of the inspiration. The evening night of the gowns captured the eyes of few invited.

Photo Mar 12, 5 22 43 AMPhoto Mar 12, 5 28 21 AM (1)

Photo Mar 12, 5 19 42 AM

As the movers and shakers moved along the store of influencers, photographers, and select few customers sat around on a bright colored melon couch and glazed. Once the models came around and stood in front the Nicole Miller glass wall some stayed sitting. Others went striding around the store to capture photos of the models. Some shopped around and went to the fitting room to try on a few items.

Photo Mar 12, 6 25 10 AM

Others were influencers and photographers who sought out for the trends. They themselves revealed their #OOTN in front of my lens.


The night clashed the pasting time when the previous models walked out in new looks. Instantly there was one jacket I craved for and still think about today. Ooooooou the fab leather jacket with geometrical embroidery design of “mola” pattern from indigenous Panama; I want you. As well one look I adored was the intertwined braided soutache dress in off-white with bold black embroidery.

That night might have ended, but I am ready to kick off fashion week. So check back for more of my accounts of my muse reviews Rebels!




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