The Limitless Rebel Muse


Photos by Heather Carr

Today, I got a feeling of hope and inspiration from that inner voice you seem to forget that is there. The little things count and rebel muse is my space to give back power to you rebels. I believe life should be lived like their are no limits. These days you maybe in your own way of living the fullest. But, let me tell you something that I continue to forget about: Everything will be okay and will work out. There are plenty of opportunities out in this world that you may have not tapped into. So, be your own rebel muse today and everyday.


Be that muse who:

  • Creates a path that you are happy to take
  • Don’t let the limit of life get in your way
  • Change the things you can change one day at time
  • Enjoy nature and dance your butt off to the sunshine that shows up on your doorstep

Lastly step onto that faith, jump, dive deep and be your own rebel muse!


Signing out my rebels–lei.phillips


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