Lei Phillips Takes on England from Los Angeles Pt 2: How to Pack for 4 Months

 London I have arrived or should I say the country side of England, Hatfield.

Packing for a four month stay

The thought process that I had about packing was a pain in my mind. I went about a week and half overthinking this process. Until the time came for me to pack and I became aware that everything is a trial and error. I would pack a few things in my luggage and the next day I leave my mind to think a bit of what’s next to pack. The day I didn’t pack my mind went on a tangent and I wrote everything done. From there it gave me an idea of what to bring.

Hatfield is in a small town and about 30 minutes away from London. I love the fact that I can be in city one moment and take a train ride to London. Its an adventure all in one. But other people say it is like you are on a mission. The transportation is bit tricky, but as I keep traveling out I get better at it.


First, is the planning part of what to pack and the weather of the London has helped me to see the finish line of this trip. So, what did I pack?

  • Rain Coat to weather the long days of rain
  • Leather Jacket for the other days to look like the Rebel that I am
  • A few Sweater Dresses to match with some Thigh High Boots with a good pair sweater stockings
  • Long Sleeve basic shirts to go under to keep warm
  • Graphic Tees to sum up your personal style in 5 seconds
  • Heels in nude, black, and bright color for your night on the town
  • Warm Socks to keep your feet warm, but your heart warm too while out and about
  • Oh, don’t forget a good pair of sneakers to explore in
  • Did I forget some lace up boots to weather any outing
  • Cross bag to carry all your essentials in

theEssentialslist1 theEssentialslist2



The lasting pieces to now think about are your everyday products like lotion, hair supplies, face wash, tooth paste and brush, which you can be bought once you arrive. Now that I’m here I’m excited to share with you guys what I will be doing.

p.s. I have a treat for you Rebels out there. I created a list of top 3 stuntin’ things I did before I left sunny California one is a themed #OOTD look. Don’t forget to rebel with your style and conquer the world!

xx – lei.phillips

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