Coming to the UK: My Travel Series Pt. 1 of Bundling Up

rebelsatheart quote    Words can’t describe the feeling I’m having now and how close this trip is for me. So, I wanted to share my thoughts, style and rebel ways of a go-getter to take over the world. My word of advice for anyone is to go for what you love. And my motto is this:

“I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels. Life’s a bitch. You’ve got to out and kick ass.” –Maya Angelou

      Since I’m traveling to London, U.K. I thought it would be a great read and entertaining way to share my #ootd or lets say packing series. This will be my first time traveling and I’m going to have a blast. I hope I can help those who are afraid to make moves and say:

“It’s ok to go out there and discover the world. You owe it to yourself.”

   Save up for that trip and go for it. Rebel with your lifestyle and do you because no can do it better then you. Why live in small world when there is a bigger one out there to explore and succeed.

      Enough with my rant of go out in the world and rule it. My look I pulled together here is one of my favs. The clothing I have on is mix of clothes of my exploring ass to thrift stores and digging in my closet. Plus, I was luck enough to get this amazing heather grey sweatshirt from CottonHood. I’m obsessed with how it is soft, comfortable and a great piece to layer. I paired it with faux leather jacket, black and white printed pants, handbag, and black booties.

    I have treat for all my followers too! A 25% off with a code, so go experience the comforts of CottonHood by using REBELSATHEART25. My special to you rebels!!!

     xx- Enjoy and go out and grab the world by the lapels. Kick ass!


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