Summer Light Makeup 

welcome-summer-tumblr-6The Sun is Out

For the summer, I normally like to wear very light makeup. It is officially time to wear less coverage. What’s the best way to get that natural summer look: well try light foundation, mascara, and with a peachy lipstick palette. Who says you have to stick to contouring. It’s not necessary to use contouring all the time, or unless you’re going to a fancy event or you are a makeup fanatic. I barely wear any full coverage and who wants to be caught with makeup sweating down your face. Let me guide you my friend. Get that natural look Rebels !!!


  • CoverGirl fresh complexion creamy Beige
  • MAYBELLINE fit me 330 toffee
  • MAYBELLINE stylish smokes in made for mocha
  • e.l.f. Blush Palette in dark
  • MAYBELLINE super stay 14 HR lipstick in beige forgood
  • wet n’ wild 24 carrot gold
  • CoverGirl blast volume waterproof hydrofuge in very black

Xoxoxo return soon Rebels- lei.Phillipseverysummer has story

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