Model Behavior and Trends of a Model On-Duty

Single Dress Black Dress


Model On-duty

“Stay on Duty and in style Rebels.”

Ok, rebels I must confess to my true desires and trends I wish would come true. I pulled together some of my favorite pieces from the likes of Boohoo, AZUL by moussy, Geebin Flores, Mathiasen, and Single Dress. Each clothing of item and outfit I composed are nail-biting on trend to the model behavior on-duty. Some models have a off-duty look and these #OOTD manner of dress can help inspire you when your wanting to look your best. Look like a model and don’t care.

The BooHoo button-up dress is versatile and a one in two look where at a glance  it can be a long strappy button-up shirt. This creative cat here paired the top with a Mathiasen cropped long leaves shirt and Single Dress black slim fit harem pants to give an appearance of long legs. Pair this all ready to go out on the town with BooHoo white heels. Stay on Duty and in style rebels.

Catch this red hen and trend of fire to let loose. Geebin Flores promegranate leather symmetrical dress requires a confident woman with passion to wear this specific red. The silhouette of the dress is what unique about it and is comfy. Sexy, but comfort is all a woman needs.

One of the trends I continue to see this revolutionary klien blue for Spring/Summer 2015. The Single Dress jumpsuit is bring on the revolution of vibrant rich colors this time around. Last but not least that will complete my Model on-duty is the BooHoo silver heels. What do you Rebels think did I quench your thirst ?

  Single Dress Black Dress, Boohoo Black Chelsea Boots, like-dreams Blue Clutch 

Tell me what you think xoxoxo see you next time 😘 and get the look at:

Photos by dinbaedin

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