I  Dare You to Express Yourself with Nail Art Rebel on Rebels


Nail art is a form of expressing yourself if you think about it that way. Then I dare you to express yourself, get inspired by the things that you see around you, and I ask why not express yourself. Rebel on rebel on my rebels. When you are inspired by something choose little things from it and then you’ll be able to share something new with someone else. Also, you’ll be able to hold a conversation to connect with the world around you. I ask again why not rebel and go against the grain but express who yourself? Don’t let anyone not let you express yourself through art. Everything is art and everything that you correlate with fashion will show within you. Share your art share it rebels. #Fashionrebellionnails

I was inspired by color this time around and day glow, which I picked sunflower yellow and glowing silver.

Photo taken by lei.phillips

Whatever you are inspired by take a little bit of it and share it in the way you see it. We are so restricted by all of the values that are placed against us and to say we can’t express through fashion, art, past culture, and our own beliefs for ourselves is ridiculous. So I say go ahead express yourself in way where you are sharing something that needs to shared. Just make sure that you’re taking little bit of pieces and using spurts of inspiration from art, culture, or fashion but make it your own.

Here is my top picks of nail art that is very expressive:









20140416-194805.jpg(most images are sourced from pinterest.com)

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