Get the right Accessories that fit the rebel inside of you. Vittrock

20130702212046_3014_fcqkj5u_196_196_resized“You can use it to destroy restraints and defy convention,” described words of the rebel brand Vittrock. Rebel on and take matters in your own hands.

Literally you can use statement pieces that will allow you to stand out. So why not try something with a superhero feel but a rebel look. I’m so into unique rings that I’m dying to collect more into my collection. I know every time I look down at my fingers on a daily basis and I have my awesome rings on and my nail art to go with it I’m set. Plus, Rebels you have the power to display who are and that character you play is always changing. Vittrock is awesome rebel brand. I’m excited so check it out rebels.


My Favorite is this brass metal ring that will make a statement that a Rebel is all about.

Vaettir Ring in Brass {Price $89}





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