Summer Statement Accessories you need or could make


Statement pieces are the essential to any outfit. You can make a basic a outfit with accessories. But one of my issues is that making sure you don’t lose your earrings, rings, or bracelets. I seem to lose these things like it wasn’t even mine.

Accessories are to hard to keep and I know for myself I loose them. But first let me introduce you to my own name for do it yourself.  BYODS, which means exactly this, “By Your Own Damn Self” project. I’m a rebel and free-spirit person I like to come up with my own names so BYODS is my DIY. So Rebels my moral of this story is make your own words for the norm so that you can have a better association with it and know how to make it your passion.


 So back to accessories. The best pieces to have in your jewelry box are pieces screams who you are. Rings are my favorite. You can tell what type of personality that person has. So I have been trying to find different rings that look well together. Using Pinterest is a good start to figure out what is your style or to find a different ways to wear rings. Take a look at a few of the photos I found on Pinterest. 

All photos from Pinterest

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