Spring Rebels Guide to rebel in your everyday wear at work

Rebels who work in a office can get away with looking rebellious but in a conventional way. All you have to do is carry yourself with a rebel outlook that screams, “I’m rebellious!!!” But how do you do this ? A rebellious outlook is thinking freely and wearing what is comfortable to your personal style. I handpicked a few items that would accomplish that well. You can pair this sleek white and black Boutique Beth Boucle & Quilt Monochrome Biker Jacket as your blazer instead with a slim fit Single beige dress underneath. As for the shoes pair them with a short bootie. Now the next look is classic but great for a professional look the Single pink dress. Your need an outfit that can relax even more so I choose this Single blue jumper and teal Safia bracelet.  Enjoy Rebels.

springpost4 copy       white and black Boo Hoo Boutique Beth Boucle & Quilt Monochrome Biker Jacket

Single beige dress


springpost3       Single pink dress

springpost1      Single blue jumper   teal Safia bracelet


Photographer: Shannon Jankula

Makeup artist and Hair stylist: Courtney Housner

Model:  Destiny Sierra –Wilhelmina Models

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