The Weekend is here what to wear on a Hot Night Out

No rest for a rebel and her fight for her cause is coming along. I haven’t been posting for a while. The rebel is back and ready to go at like a beast.  It has been hot and I’m ready to relax and go out. One of the trends that is out right now is black and white patterns. This pattern is hard to find especially, a square pattern like what Rihanna wore on the cover of  Elle. So I have given you an example of how to pull this off. I put together black and white solid pieces like in the picture below; start out with a white bandage Alexander Wang Reptile Silk Illusion Crop Top  with a peplum Jason Wu High-waisted skinny leather pants.  Then I accessorize it with the black Caine Ring double spike metal ring that gives the outfit a rough look. Pair it with a Proenza Schouler Lunch Bag Extra Small Leather clutch or something similar because this baby is worth something and if you can’t afford don’t worry.  And if you dare to wear these Dizzy Shades at night you know your a rebel when you walk into a room at night with sunglasses on. I know this may seem silly but why not ? Rebel against the norm of society in the what you wear. Be proud and humble!!!  The add a Gold & Black Tiered Half Moon Necklace . The last thing to add is a perfect pair of heels that are GIVENCHY Albertina Podium Heel in Black  and I know they are pricey but you can always find a bargin somewhere else if you choose. I shall do a post on bargin goodies some time soon. That makes my inside smile. I love bargins and bargins are good for you rebels.  It’s hard out here for a rebel sometimes but it is ok. One day if you like, buy yourself a pair of Givenchy heels when you can. For rebels anything is possible right!!!

What to wear for this hot summer night

Fight on rebels… and follow me on my fb and instagram as well at lei phillips 🙂 Until the next fashion cause rebel on.

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