How can Fashion can help to show your true self.

Now lets talk rebels. We don’t like to talk about our vulnerabilities or even say that our flaws are beautiful. If we are sensitive creatures then why not show it. The one thing that I learned from fashion is that if you don’t think you are beautiful then fashion will take what you think is ugly and turn into something beautiful. So why not talk about our vulnerabilities and rebel against our norm of not showing our true selves. Here are some true inspiration pictures that go with us not talking about our flaws. As well, I added a video from TED talking about the power of vulnerabilities.

Photographer Damien Blottere –Common Sense Men Magazine


Photographer Damien Blottere – OUT Magazine  Jean Paul Gautier


Photographer Damien Blottiere Calvin Klein x Dazed & Confused Magazine 



Model Andrej Pejic Photographer Anthony Maule –Dazed Confused Magazine 


Photographer Bon Duke- Bullet Magazine



Photographer Mel Bles – Dazed and Confused Magazine


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