What is the purpose of style and fashion. How do they mix ? Plus how do you the consumer make of it in your life?

The answer is up to you. You  can be afraid of making risks with your style or misinterpret fashion but its truly up to you how you want to display yourself to your love ones and others.  What are people wearing out on the streets of life and the runway. This post is about being a visionary in your own light. This week is about visionaries in the fashion industry, street fashion, and the runway. Enjoy both pictures and a video.

Tom Ford is my favorite and what he teaches is that fashion is about the people and fashion changes when we are ready to change. That is so inspirational because we are in control of our own lives and the brands only follow our likes and desires. We are in control. So rebel on baby !!!

“Fashion needs to change when life changes and you only need to move fashion forward whens there is a reason to move fashion forward.”- Tom Ford


(pictures from)



LeeOliveira-2m178 LEEOLIVEIRA-2p45 LEEOLIVEIRA-2p94

92012Hem0327Web 100112Hem7407Web 100112Sheer6842Web 121212Elena5429Web if-youre-thinking-about-ada if-youre-thinking-about-dr-martens if-youre-thinking-about-hot-pink lee oliveira, street fashion fashion, street style, women's fashion, women's accessories, street style photographer, sydney street style, australian street style photographer, fashion photographer, sydney fashion photographer, australian fashion pho on-the-scene-the-art-institute-chicaco

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