Models do show us how to Rebel and Daphne Groeneveld does so

After being inspired by models my whole life I see one model who embraces herself in her work. Daphne Groeneveld was discovered randomly at age 16. Now that she is older and 18 she has these amazing big eyes and lips that tell a story of an woman who has a rebellious side to her. She has worked with Dior on a Ad for perfume called Addict in June 2012. She continues to inspire me and this week I want to to embrace models who have unique looks about them. Here I go I will find the odd ones. The odds ones are the ones to watch and we should embrace the oddness inside of all of us.

“Being ‘weird’ is one of the most best complements you could ever give someone. If no one in the world was weird, everything would be normal, and that’s boring. Be different. Stand out. Be the sore thumb that got hammered a couple times by a heavy mallet. Be that sole bird that’s flying in the exact opposite direction everyone else is and hasn’t a clue it’s winter.” –Sarah Palermo

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